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Painter and printmaker Ralph Eastland was born on the west coast of Canada and grew up on Quadra Island, the northernmost Gulf Island. He spent much of his youth messing about in boats and exploring the local waterways, developing an interest in sailing and boatbuilding. He worked in logging camps as a youth and began drawing and sketching at this time. A growing interest in art led him to study briefly with Sybil Andrews.


An opportunity to sign aboard the tall ship "Monte Cristo" in 1969 took his attention away from art for some time and he had worked his way up to first mate before leaving the boat in San Francisco to travel briefly in the British Isles. He returned to Canada and enrolled at the Vancouver School of Art where he majored in painting and printmaking. In his third year at VSA he began a project which took most of his attention for the next five years, the construction of the 43 foot wooden hulled schooner "Nevermore". Although he continued to paint during this time, "Nevermore" was his major focus. Truly a "from the ground up" project, he milled the lumber with an Alaska sawmill, forged much of the bronze hardware by hand and made patterns for many other pieces of the hardware. Ralph has found skills developed during the construction of "Nevermore" very useful in the pursuit of his art. After "Nevermore" was launched in 1981, he and his family lived aboard and cruised up and down the coast. Much of the inspiration for his art at the time came from traveling the coastal waterways of BC and Washington State. A multi-talented artist Ralph often refers to himself as a person who makes things. He makes all kinds of things including furniture, sculpture, hand painted lamps, paintings, woodcuts, greeting cards and watercolours. Basically anything that he finds interesting or necessary. After 50 years of living on or near the ocean and "messing about with boats" Ralph has truly swallowed the anchor and moved to the dry, semi desert climate of the south Okanagan valley.

Influenced in particular by Canadian artist Lauren Harris as well as a host of other artists, and also by the art (especially woodcuts) of Japan and the Orient, Painter and printmaker Ralph Eastland has his own unique style including woodcuts that combine both Japanese and western woodcut printing techniques.

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Nevermore under sail

Nevermore under sail

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