"Gold Bamboo" is a framable hand printed woodcut greeting card. Hand printed by Ralph Eastland from the original woodblocks that he designs and carves. Each greeting card is a signed original work of art. Every color requires a separate printing block and because the blocks can only be used a limited number of times before wearing out, the cards, although not numbered are in fact limited editions. Dimensions are 7 inches x 5.75 inches.

$5.50 each, 3 for $15.00 0r 12 for $56.00

Quantity discount

Quantity discount!!!! To simplify things (for me) If you want to order a variety of cards and get the quantity discount you need to select either 3 or 12 cards from the order button, then email me a list of which cards you would like. I will reply to the email to confirm your order and then send the cards on the list. If I don't get a list I will send them as ordered (i.e. on this page the Gold bamboo card.)

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