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Woodcuts are one of the earliest forms of printmaking. They can be printed using only hand tools and do not require a printing press, although one can be used for most woodcuts. This makes woodblock and other relief printmaking the most portable form of printmaking.


In Japanese woodcut prints, the blocks are carved and printed using water based inks and brushes. They are often printed by a team of people that includes the artist, carvers for the blocks, and the printers. European woodcut are printed using oil based inks and rollers. I use a combination of Japanese and European printmaking techniques to achieve the results that I want. I design, carve and print my own woodcuts, some requiring more than seven printing plates. Prints are often numbered as limited editions, but since that term has been used and abused to the point of limited edition breakfast cereal, it no longer has any real meaning to printmaking. Sometimes I do number prints but I also do variations combining woodblocks and other printing techniques to produce variations or unique prints. In any case they will always be limited by either the process or my own desire to create something new. Here are some examples, they are all hand printed and signed and can be purchased here using the paypal sevice or by contacting me directly at my studio.

whales DSC00795 fisgard pandas

Orca Family


Squidegate Narrows

DSC00795 fisgard

Fisgard Light

fisgard pandas


pandas2 ravens

Pandas 2

pandas2 ravens

Ravens and Moon


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